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The veterinary team at MAH is committed to providing comprehensive and individualized medical care to your pet in order to enhance his or her well-being and quality of life. We recognize that in order to provide your pet with a long and happy life and limit the lifetime cost of care, our focus must be on preventive medicine.  This is important because our pets age so much more quickly than humans. 

The basis of such a plan is regular wellness examinations.

  • For the very young to the 7 year old pet we recommend a yearly wellness visit
  • For the pet older than 7 years, we recommend senior visits every 6 months to allow us to catch early life changes.  
  • Preventative medicine includes thorough screenings for a number of common diseases and ailments, such as heart worm disease, tick borne illness, or intestinal parasites, to name a few. 
  • Wellness exams will include giving your pet a dental score, because good oral health goes a long way toward protecting overall systemic health.  
  • Wellness exams will include giving your pet a body condition score.  Obesity is one of the most common and preventable medical issues we see in pets. 
  • Wellness exams could include baseline blood work to look at the function of your pet’s internal organs periodically.  At MAH we have the ability to run blood work in hospital or send it to a specialized laboratory based on your pet’s needs.  

We also recommend a balanced schedule of vaccines to protect your pet from a range of dangerous, but preventable diseases. 

  • Rabies vaccinations are a requirement every one to three years in the state of Pennsylvania.  
  • Feline and canine distemper combination vaccines and Leptospirosis vaccines for the dog are considered part of the “core” vaccines and are highly recommended.  
  • Lyme disease has become very endemic to our area and also considered part of the “core”vaccinations your dog should have.  
  • Other vaccines such Bordetella (kennel cough), and feline leukemia vaccines are considered “lifestyle” vaccines.  These are chosen based on the likelihood of your pet being exposed and at risk for disease.  We will be happy to advise you what is best personally for your pet.  

 Beyond these standard elements of good preventive care, we also offer microchip identification in case your pet should become lost, nutritional and behavioral counseling, internal medicine services, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and allergy consultations. 

Perhaps the most important piece of your pet's care is the strong bond your family will develop with ours through quality communication. It is important that we hear from you about how your pet is doing and voice any concerns you may have in order to continuously adjust and optimize your pet's health care plan. It is also our responsibility to empower you with the information necessary to provide the best and most compassionate home-based care for your pet. We believe that our breadth and depth of medical knowledge is of little use if we do not share it with you.